UUCSR Congregational Covenant

At the November, 22, 2015 Congregational Meeting, members voted to
approve the following detailed Covenant.

We, of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, choose
to become part of a community with a common purpose to foster an
atmosphere where the Unitarian Universalist Principles will be learned
and practiced.

We covenant with one another to freely explore our religious (or
theological or spiritual) beliefs and to honor our diversity as a source
of communal strength. We will work together to reach our highest
potential as individuals and as a community by:

…Accepting, respecting and celebrating differences among us,
always remembering the “Golden Rule”;
…Contributing to the Congregation intellectually, financially and
with gifts of time and energy and by honoring each person’s need
for self-care;
…Expressing thoughts and feelings directly, speaking honestly with
kindness, keeping an open mind and listening deeply, balancing
our need to be heard with an obligation to listen, assuming good
intentions in all interactions, and;
…Acknowledging that while we may not always agree with
congregational decisions, we will honor the decision making
process and respect the outcomes.

We will attempt to resolve any conflict with another congregant
by direct communication with that person first, or by seeking the
assistance of a minister and/or the Committee on Ministry. Should a
congregant choose not to participate in dispute resolution, then that
congregant agrees to drop the matter and not involve others.

Recognizing that our Covenant is aspirational, and in affirmation of
the common purpose that unites us, we will support and do our best
to abide by this Covenant.