For What Purpose Does Our Congregation Exist?
Posted by Rev. Ned Wight on

Last fall, I began an exploration of purpose: “For what purpose does our congregation exist?” In that Touchstones column, I referenced our congregational by-laws, which specified the following purposes: To act according to UU principles To let others know about these principles To ...

Your Sacred Space
Posted by Rev. Jennifer L. Brower on

Swimming is a deeply meaningful part of my spiritual life. When I don’t swim, I soon begin to feel out of sorts and disconnected from my center. As I kick, catch, and pull through the water, I can feel myself working through and releasing the tensions I am carrying. Friends have said that my ...

Looking Back… Looking Ahead
Posted by UUCSR Ministerial Team on

As we look back over our first 75 years as a congregation, we acknowledge that all of us stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before. We are grateful for our forebears’ vision, stamina and perseverance--attending countless meetings, participating in animated discussions, and making ...