COVID-19 Response

We are committed to supporting our long term partners — denominational and secular — through this difficult time. Here are links to emergency funds established by our grantee organizations where you can contribute to support community organizations and their members.

Long Island Jobs with Justice: Funds are helping those who can’t access government support because of their immigration status. Funds will ensure families are fed and sheltered.

Movement for Black Lives COVID19 Mutual Aid Fund: Contributions are helping map Black led mutual aid efforts, provide direct support to Black led organizations and provide a virtual space for our people at this time.

Mainers Together: Mainers Together contributions will be used to support Maine communities impacted by COVID-19. This community support fund will be used to help Mainers whose households are facing economic crisis due to employers closing or needing to stay home from work to care for children while schools are closed.

National Domestic Workers United Care Fund: The National Domestic Workers Alliance is working to slow the spread of the virus by providing emergency assistance for domestic workers that enables them to stay home and healthy.

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