COVID-19 Resources

During this difficult time, we are committed to sustaining core support for our long term grantee partners through strategic grantmaking for systemic change.  As we move through relief, to recovery and rebuilding, we envision the more just and sustainable world we so desperately need -- and that we know is possible.

Here are links to some of the many emergency funds established by Veatch grantee organizations who are providing direct, mutual aid for their members -- marginalized communities hit hardest by this crisis.  Here, you can learn or contribute to local, Long Island efforts as well as grassroots organizations and their members across the country.  

Long Island Community Foundation (LLIU Fund): The COVID-19 Long Island Philanthropic Response Fund was established to aid nonprofit service providers struggling with the health and economic effects of the coronavirus. They continue to work closely with sector leaders to understand evolving needs and gaps in funding. Grants are awarded to Long Island nonprofits meeting these emergent and critical needs affecting our local region.

Long Island Jobs with Justice: Solidarity funds are directly helping our neighbors on Long Island who can’t access government support because of their immigration status. Funds go directly to families who need food and shelter.

Unitarian Universalist Association: Grants will be awarded via the Disaster Relief Fund to congregations and UU entities partnering with local organizations to provide assistance in their community to people who are at significant risk to health and livelihood because of COVID-19. Grants to meet the extraordinary financial needs of ministers, religious professionals, and congregational staff impacted by COVID-19 will be disbursed through the Living Tradition Fund.

Center for Popular Democracy. Community Solidarity Fund:  Vulnerable communities of the Center for Popular Democracy Network—communities of color, immigrants, and working class families—are being hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.  This fund helps provide food, groceries, and other basic needs to frontline people across the country —and supports a bold organizing response to this crisis.

Down Home North Carolina: Funds collected through the Down Home Mutual Aid Fund will be distributed as a stipend for COVID-19 preparedness due to financial hardship. 

Jobs with Justice Worker Solidarity Fund: National Jobs with Justice convened leaders from the most impacted sectors to administer a fund that provides direct cash relief to workers. They’ve distributed money to hundreds of families, but the need only grows as unemployment numbers soar.

Mainers Together: Contributions support Maine communities impacted by COVID-19. This community support fund is helping Mainers whose households are facing economic crisis due to employers closing or needing to stay home from work to care for children while schools are closed.

Make the Road NY — COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund: The fund provides direct support to the most vulnerable workers and low-income immigrant families in New York City and on Long Island, as Make the Road organizes to ensure they are not left out of government solutions. 

MinKwon Center for Community Action — Flushing Mutual Aid Fund: Funds raised help members of low-income Asian, Latinx, Black, and undocumented communities in Flushing, Queens with food, medicine, and rent support. Funds raised will also provide stipends to Flushing residents who take on roles in coordinating mutual aid and organizing their neighbors.  

Movement for Black Lives COVID19 Mutual Aid Fund: Contributions help map Black-led mutual aid efforts across the country, provide direct support to Black-led organizations and provide a virtual space for people to connect at this time.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network — Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund: Day laborers, undocumented, and other low-wage workers are some of the first and hardest hit by COVID-19. They do not have access to government support. This fund provides some relief. 

National Domestic Workers United Care Fund: The National Domestic Workers Alliance is working to slow the spread of the virus by providing emergency assistance for domestic workers that enables them to stay home and healthy.

New York Communities for Change — COVID-19 Relief Fund:  Working class New Yorkers are less likely to be able to work from home and are more likely to work in essential service sectors, risking exposure to the virus, or to have lost their jobs. Undocumented people have been completely excluded from federal relief measures.  This is a Statewide relief fund.

One Fair Wage — Emergency Coronavirus Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund: Tipped workers and other service workers across the country were already struggling.  One Fair Wage is providing cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more. 

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste: Oregon’s farmworker movement is raising funds for former and current undocumented farmworkers and their families, affected by COVID-19, with one-time economic relief. 

PUSH Buffalo:  All funds received go directly to support those in Buffalo who need it most. 

ROC United Restaurant Worker Disaster Relief Fund:  This fund provides financial assistance directly to restaurant workers across the country, whose industry has been devastated by the coronavirus crisis. 

United for Respect: Millions of people rely on unstable, hourly wages at Walmart and other retail and grocery jobs.  Now, they come to work each day to stock shelves, staff registers, and make sure that communities have the basic essentials.  Many of these workers do not have health insurance or feel safe on the job. This group organizes throughout the country and is raising funds to protect workers.

United We Dream Undocufund: 100% of funds donated to the NationalUndocuFund go directly to immigrants and their families.  United We Dream is the nation’s largest organization of immigrant and undocumented youth.  

Additionally, the following organizations have created emergency funds that organizations can apply to for support, or are curating lists of such funding opportunities:

Amalgamated Foundation— Families and Workers Fund: The Ford Foundation, Schmidt Futures, Open Society Foundations, The JPB Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Amalgamated Foundation, Morgan Stanley, and others are partnering to create a rapid response fund dedicated to helping the workers, families, and communities most devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Candid: Candid is compiling a list of funds specifically established in the wake of coronavirus. The list focuses on funds hosted at US-based foundations that serve nonprofits, though others outside of this criteria may appear as well.

Engage NY Grantmakers for Community Engagement: As foundations plan for action in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Engage New York is tracking local, regional, state, and national resources to assist stakeholders across the State.

Neighborhood Funders Group: To support the mobilization of resources, Neighborhood Funders Group created and is maintaining a list of COVID-19 support funds and organizations. These lists are focused on supporting organizing work that relates to NFG's mission and programming to support progressive philanthropy. 

Unitarian Universalist Association’s Disaster Relief Program: Awards grants to Unitarian Universalist congregations and affiliated non-profit organizations. Grants from the Disaster Relief Fund help congregations care for their buildings and the needs of their members, as well as supporting people in the community, especially those who may not be eligible for other grant programs.

The Workers Fund — The Workers Lab: The group is getting cash to people whose livelihoods have been stripped away by COVID-19 through Canary, a project incubated by The Workers Lab that provides a vehicle for getting cash to verified applicants quickly. 

The Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock provides support for efforts within the religious and spiritual mission of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock where their purposes are best served by outside agencies acting under the Veatch Program and the Congregation.

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