Art Gallery

A different public exhibit is displayed in the Shelter Rock Art Gallery every month.

Some exhibits are collections are of an individual artist’s works, and some are collections of multiple artists based upon a theme. Some artists are members of the congregation, and some are artists referred to the Art Committee for consideration. All exhibits are intended to foster artistic appreciation and to support local artists.

To submit work for consideration, please download and complete the PROSPECTIVE ARTIST – INFORMATION SHEET, then return via  , post or hand delivery to Elaine Corrao, Staff Liaison to the Art Committee. Questions? Contact Art Committee Liaison Elaine via EMAILor call 516.472.2933.

The Annual Congregational Art Show will be in November 2017. If you are interested in exhibiting, you might want to start thinking about up to four pieces to display. There will be a section for young people over eight years old, too. Please contact Brigitte Mueller, chair of the Art Committee for details.