I. Spring Series  — Resources

Below, see several resources intended to help understand  the threat of White Nationalism and its influence in current challenges to our democracy. 

1) Assessing the Threat of White Nationalism in New York State & Recommendation for Building the Field

Veatch grantee Political Research Associates (PRA) for Veatch philanthropic network partner Engage NY,  examined how anti-democratic, White nationalist, and exclusionary social movements continue to threaten lives, promote violence, capture institutions, and drag the political culture away from core principles of justice and democracy—even in New York in their September, 2021 report, ASSESSING THE THREAT OF WHITE NATIONALISM IN NEW YORK STATE & RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BUILDING THE FIELD.

The Engage New York Anti-White Nationalism Working Group enlisted the help of Political Research Associates (PRA), a social justice think tank, to conduct a scan of White nationalist threats in New York State and offer some initial recommendations for building the field. 

This briefing is divided into three sections. The first provides a brief background of White nationalism. The second offers a scan of White nationalism in New York State. The third provides an initial needs assessment and recommendations for countering White nationalist threats in the state and building the field to advance a multiracial and truly democratic alternative.

This briefing was prepared by Political Research Associates, and financially supported by the Andrus Family Fund, Daphne Foundation, and Park Foundation.

2) Video Panel: Why Teaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our Schools is So Important. Originally presented on September 29, 2021.

Coming from a variety of perspectives, this diverse and highly respected panel looks at the question of how and why our schools are teaching DEI; why there is a need to increase the proportion of educators of color on Long Island; where the New York State Department of Education stands on teaching DEI; how DEI fits into the plans of administrators for their schools; how DEI training prepares students for a business world that is becoming increasingly diverse; and the importance of uplifting diverse voices in music programs. A Q&A period follows.


  • Elaine Gross, ERASE Racism founder and president
  • Dr. Lorna Lewis, Superintendent of Malverne school district, ERASE Board Member
  • Dr. Michael Hynes, Superintendent of Port Washington school district
  • Dr. Dan Holzman, Principal at Great Neck North High School
  • Phil Andrews, President of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Shoshanna Hershkowitz, Adjunct professor at Stony Brook University
  • Additional panelists TBD

Moderator: Jim Smith, ERASE Racism Board Member, UUCSR Member

3) Video: Eric Ward speaks at the 2021 Veatch Program Oregon site visit on the threat that White Nationalism represents to Democracy.

Eric K. Ward, executive director of Veatch grantee Western States Center, is a nationally-recognized expert on the relationship between authoritarian movements, hate violence, and preserving inclusive democracy.  During the latest wave of increased manifestations of White nationalism and attacks on voting rights and democratic institutions, the Western States Center has played a key role at helping grassroots organizations, policymakers, and philanthropists to make sense of this reality and to be better prepared to counter these efforts and build a stronger and more inclusive democracy.  In this Veatch Program zoom “site visit,” Mr. Ward talks about these anti-democratic manifestations in Oregon and in other parts of the country, and shares his analysis and vision of the challenges that come ahead, and how local, state, and national organizing groups fight back.

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