Alia Shinbrough, UUCSR Student Minister, provides Contemplations on Thursdays, available thereafter here, on the UUCSR YouTube channelFacebook, and Instagram. Each week, Alia opens opportunities to be present together through moments of contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

Alia Shinbrough (they/them), joined the UUCSR Ministry Team in September of 2021.  A recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Alia is a life-long Unitarian Universalist. They grew up in New Jersey and received their undergraduate education at Sarah Lawrence College, where they studied writing, art, and history. Their passions for social justice and community building have led them to pursue a life of service through ministry.

"Marking Transitions" Student Minister Alia Shinbrough contemplates how the ways we make transitions in space and time have been altered through this experience of pandemic, of remote work, of sheltering in place. Alia offers the opportunity to mark the transition to and from sacred space with a chalice, and invites us to breathe together as a practice of noticing and marking these shifts in time and space.

"Marking Time through Ritual" Student Minister Alia Shinbrough contemplates the place of ritual in marking and sharing time, offering the opportunity to share sacred experiences of sorrow and joy through the lighting of candles.

"Invitation to Prayer" Student Minister Alia Shinbrough offers an invitation to take a moment to co-create sacred space, to pray the prayer of your heart, and to join that prayer in this hour with all those who are simultaneously reaching out with the prayers of their understanding.

"Invitation to Movement for Thursday Contemplation" Student Minister Alia Shinbrough offers an invitation to movement as a spiritual practice of reconnecting with the sacredness of the body.

"Setting Intentions, Releasing Distractions" Student Minister Alia Shinbrough invites us to release distractions, set intentions, and be present together through this moment of contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

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Thursday Contemplations-Alia Shinbrough
Friday Meditative Moments-Rev. Brower
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