COVID19 Personal Protective Equipment

Catherine Ripley is part of a LI movement to make masks that can be sterilized and used by healthcare workers. Catherine wrote, "Help is needed.

"A friend of mine was asked if she sews. She said she doesn’t but volunteered my name. Electronic introductions were set up and I was put in touch with a member of the Long Island Quilters Society (LIQS). 

"It is my understanding that Nassau University Medical Center reached out to the LIQS and requested that 5,000 masks be made. 

"NUMC picks up the masks in Eisenhower Park parking lot 6a by the Lannin House. The NUMC rep said she would be there every Thursday between 12 PM and 1 PM for the next several weeks. She asked me to please spread the word.

"LIQS’s Facebook page directs those who wish to make masks to go to, click on the state you live in and you’ll be able to find out what is needed.

"I have been using The Deaconess pattern, which originally used 1/4“ elastic. Elastic is now impossible to find so we’ve switched to making them with ties. See:  How to Make Masks with Ties

"The new dimensions are different (8x7 instead of 6x9) and I haven’t had a chance yet to try them. I also happen to have flannel to put on the inside of the mask. Flannel is much more comfortable next to the face.

"I highly recommend watching Stephen Folker at make a mask. Boy have I been doing it the hard way!

"Other medical centers are requesting scrub caps and gowns, also.

"Donations of elastic, and fabric would be much appreciated. Elastic can be 1/4” or 3/8” flat. Round is ok, too. 

"I hope this information is useful and that our collective efforts prove helpful."

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COVID19 Personal Protective Equipment