End of Life Planning

End of Life Choices - New York “Helping patients and their families face the end of life.”

End of Life Choices - New York is the leading organization in New York working to improve end of life care, and expand end of life options, to ensure a peaceful death.  End of Life Choices counsels individuals and families who are facing the end of life or wish to plan ahead, providing information and support on a range of end of life issues, including advance directives; talking openly about health care wishes; and locating pain specialists, hospice programs, social service agencies, disease-specific support groups and other resources. This organization helps patients and their loved ones face the end of life with calm facts and choices of action during a difficult time. End of Life Choices responds to inquiries from all who contact them with questions about their end of life concerns, and there is no charge for their services. They offer information and support, either in person or by phone, about a wide range of end of life issues.

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Contact Judy Schwartz, Clinical Director  |  212-252-2015 | 

Aging with Dignity Organization
Agingwithdignity.org  For nearly 25 years Aging with Dignity has defended the right of the elderly, disabled, and mentally ill to have their human dignity respected and safeguarded, particularly in times of serious illness. Its Five Wishes publication is America’s most popular advance care planning tool that has helped countless families get the kind of end-of-life care they desire. 

Five Wishes  Talk with loved ones about what matters the most. Important discussions during Covid 19 uncertainty.
“The person I want to make care decisions for me when I can’t.”  

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