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Members of the Art Committee enjoy, create and promote art on Long Island!

"Colorful Inspirations" Art Exhibit is on display through September 25, 2022 in the Shelter Rock Art Gallery. All are welcome to the Artists' Reception 1-3 PM on Sunday, September 25, 2022.

Please contact Elaine Corrao for details about 2022-2023 Art Gallery exhibits
( or 516.472.2933). The Art Gallery is a multi-use space. Please call for best viewing hours: 516-627-6560.

Shelter Rock's exhibit through August 10, 2022 is the KCS Art Love Association (KALA). "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." --Pablo Picasso

2022 Katherine Criss: Fantasies in Paint & Pixels  Artist's Statement: My work is a meditation. I use the layered image to encourage viewers to look beyond the obvious, to interpret and to react to the image on multiple levels, whether I am creating a photograph or a surreal painting. I use my art as a visual form of communication, and I am most inspired by irony in life, finding sorrow in beauty and joy in tragedy.

John Haney speaks about the Art Committee's display of "pandemic New Yorker" covers.

Janet Swinburne's family found its religious home at UUSCR. Three sons attended RE school and both parents taught for a few years. John Swinburne taught World Religions and took his students to many ethnic restaurants for a direct intercultural experience of different cultures. He passed away in 2000. In 2017, Janet felt that the world was still experiencing anti-Muslim sentiment and fear due to the events of 9/11. She decided to go to Morocco with a group, thinking that the nature of a group trip would make it comfortable. That decision turned out to be a life-altering one. In this video, Janet shares some of what she experienced in Morocco in this video and in a synopsis HERE. The takeaways are many and continue to have impact on her views today. Thank you to Janet Swinburne for sharing a personal view that she hopes will enlarge your view of our African neighbors and friends.

A different public exhibit is displayed in the Shelter Rock Art Gallery every month.

Some exhibits are collections are of an individual artist’s works, and some are collections of multiple artists based upon a theme. Some artists are members of the congregation, and some are artists referred to the Art Committee for consideration. All exhibits are intended to foster artistic appreciation and to support local artists. 

The Art Gallery is a "mixed-use space." It is advised that visitors call in advance to ensure access (516.627.6560). Thank you.

About Mary Valentino Schneider's Art, by Tinna and Paul Kopelow 


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