2019 Veatch Sunday

Come celebrate faith in action on Veatch Sunday, January 27, 2019. Join us for worship at 11:00 AM followed by a panel discussion in the UUCSR Social Hall from 12:45-2:30 PM

Featuring an inspiring sermon BY Rev. Starsky Wilson of The Deaconess Foundation

Rev. Starsky Wilson, President of the Deaconess Foundation in St. Louis, is an acclaimed organizer for justice and child well-being. A United Church of Christ pastor, he will explore how criminalization is a threat to our UU principles. Rev. Starsky will share how his leadership of the Ferguson Commission, formed by Missouri’s Governor following the tragic death of Michael Brown Jr. in 2014, led him to new insights on inclusive democracy.

Toward Democracy: We all are called, and have the capacity to create communities where everyone is valued and respected.