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Led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore and UUCSR Young Adults The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.(1929-1968) quoted the Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker (1810-1860) when we said “the Arc of the Universe is long but it bends toward justice.” Our UU communities have long embraced a commitment to taking this long journey towards building a more just, peaceful and loving world. Our young adults incorporate the quest for justice and inclusion into their spiritual lives – come hear their words on this connection.

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Soulful Sundown "Where music resides at the heart of religious experience." A contemporary evening Worship experience on Friday, January 14, 2022, led by Rev. Jennifer Brower.

Living with Intention: A Woman's Choice This month's learning and worship theme, Living with Intention, invites us to consider exploration of reproductive justice and a woman's choice. To consider this potentially contentious topic, we invited everyone in with open hearts and minds, and held in love anyone who has ever made a difficult choice. Led by Rev. Jaye Brooks with members of the UUCSR Women's Group and Social Justice Committee: Maria Ceraulo, Katherine Miller, Susan Roberts, and Barry Nobel.

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On the first Sunday morning of 2022, as we were poised on the Hinge of the Year, having left 2021 behind and just entering 2022, UUCSR members and our gifted professional soloists shared some of what they discerned in the strange days of the past year, and offered their hopes for the days ahead.

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This sermon asks: What is wisdom? How does it differ from knowledge? Is the difference worth discerning? It will explore the landscape of the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how the difference plays out in our modern world. Led by Guest Minister Rev. Anthony Johnson.

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Celebrate the joy of Christmas Eve with an outdoor Carol Sing at UUCSR! The Ministry Team and Music Director Stephen Michael Smith invite you to share the joy of the season as we sing carols under the stars and enjoy a candlelight "Silent Night." In the Veatch House Courtyard.

How do we find joy in these difficult times? We lit candles of hope, and joy to push back against sadness and loneliness. We gathered together in community to gain strength from one another. We listened for the laughter of children. Led by the Shelter Rock Ministry Team on December 24, 2021.

Shelter Rock Winter Solstice Service, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore

Join in a retelling of the Christmas Story at this Family Holiday Service. Our First Graders present their Nativity Play.

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In this season of many holidays in world religious traditions, a recurring theme is peace—both inner peace and peace in the world. The human longing for peace may seem small and muted in a world filled with war-clamor and hostility. Yet peace is real, if often distant; each of us has the capacity to experience peace and birth it into the world.

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Soulful Sundown December 10, 2021 at 8 PM: A Season of Music, Magic, and Memories, led by Rev. Jennifer Brower

No matter what we might say about the winter holiday season, and we might have a lot to say... one of the great gifts of the holidays is the music. There is music galore! Tonight, members of the Cosmic Orchestra share with us the holiday music that has been most meaningful and moving for them. Join us. We'll miss you if you are not there.

Hanukkah, the Hebrew word for “dedication” is the Jewish Festival of Lights. In ancient times, the Maccabees sought to rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem. The miracle of Hanukkah is that only one vial of oil was found for the rededication, with just enough oil to illuminate the Temple for one day, and yet it lasted for 8 full days. The annual celebration of Hanukkah is a remembrance of this miracle. What miracles surround you? What lights do you find, or make in your lives?

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As we prepared for the holiday season, many of us still find ourselves seeking a renewed place of solace amidst the living histories of our lives. Some of us may even be feeling a bit untethered, disconnected from one another, from our families, and even from parts of ourselves. Cassandra Montenegro, second year Master of Divinity student at Harvard Divinity School, led this Service on Sunday, November 28, 2021 that explored how the poetry of the historical religious figure Saint Teresa of Avila, a mystic poet from a Converso Jewish family who worked through illness and reformed a Catholic order, continues to inspire the artists among and within us.

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Thanksgiving features food, but it is not really just the food which nourishes us. On Thanksgiving, we gather for community, companionship, fellowship, friends, family, tradition, and love. And in this year of pandemic, we dearly wish that we could be physically together, but it would not be wise. Instead, we shared stories of meanings of bread.

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Unitarian Universalism, with its nearly 2,000-year history, is rooted in a few key ideas. Our forebears were united in rejection of any one way of thinking; they were united in agreement on love. From the second-century philosopher Origen, who said that "God loves everyone," to 16th-century Ferenc David, who said "We don't have to think alike to love alike," to 21st-century Thandeka, who urges, "Hear your commission to love, to create community, and to heal," our great-hearted teachers have led with love. This is the history we hold today.

Led by Rev. Jaye Brooks on Sunday, November 14, 2021. An Order of Service is available HERE.

Soulful Sundown on November 12, 2021, led by Rev. Jennifer Brower with music from The Cosmic Orchestra. "Where music lies at the heart of religious experience."

In 1993, the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly passed a resolution on Justice for Indigenous Peoples, resolving to address the problems and issues faced by Native Peoples, to support local indigenous peoples' political actions and to learn about the richness of their culture and spirituality. Long Island is the ancestral home of 13 Indigenous Peoples. The hamlet of Manhasset, where this congregation is located is named for the Manhassets. The Shinnecock Tribal Nation is a federally recognized tribe on the east end of Long Island. What do we know of the presence of Native Peoples on Long Island? And how might we be in relationship with the community that first knew this land as their home? Rev. Dr. Fenimore addressed these questions on November 7, 2021.

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