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Combating Forever Chemicals
Posted by Elaine Peters on

Our water pollution problem on Long Island is not an isolated one. It is besieged by “forever chemicals.” Known scientifically as per-polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) and 1.4 dioxane, they appear to stick around forever. They are in paint strippers, dyes, deodorants, and plastics. They cause...

The Promise of Hope for the Planet
Posted by Elaine Peters on

We are living in a time of climate change. It has caused worldwide disasters and the disappearance of thousands of species. Floods, droughts, wildfires, extreme heat, drought, and pollution of our air and water, as well as soil depletion. As long as the burning of fossil fuels continues and is...

Smart Growth Conference
Posted by Jim Peters on

Under the leadership of Eric Alexander, Vision Long Island will hold the 20th Annual Smart Growth Conference in 2023. While the emphasis has been on communities and small business, environmental concerns have come to play a dominant role in recent years. This article is a synopsis of what I...