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Come grow with us. Let your spirit flourish in a religious community of people who care about justice, equity and compassion in the world. Come be a part of something bigger than ourselves:
Human. Kind.

In 2020,  being together presents special challenges. Some of us, however, have unexpected time away from our normal activities, and time to consider what's important in our lives and in the world.

UUCSR as a religious institution, and ministers, members, programs and resources, provide connections that foster our spiritual selves.

  • All are welcome to watch videos of Worship Services posted here.
  • All are welcome to watch or participate in "Meditative Moments," posted here.
  • Additional programs such as small discussion groups are shifting from in-person meetings to online gatherings. Please check the Upcoming Events tab on the homepage.

Families are welcome to join age specific Religious Education programs. Please find links to online programs in the Online Events tab on the homepage.

  • Live Bedtime Stories are offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 PM via Zoom.
  • Classes usually meet on Sunday afternoons.
  • Additional online activities are planned. Please check the Online Events tab on the homepage.

Membership is not required for ANY online participation. Click here to investigate UUCSR membership.

Contact  for any questions or concerns. Your inquiry will receive a response from a minister or staff member, as appropriate.

Thank you for your virtual visit today!