with the Orchestra at Shelter Rock and UUCSR CHOIR
Stephen Michael Smith, Music Director

Sunday, April 5, 2020
11:00 AM
UUCSR Worship Room

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your musical self!
Music Sunday takes place in the context of a Worship Service.
The general public is cordially invited. An offering will be collected.

Each year, the UUCSR Choir and friends undertake the exploration of a major musical work. Several years ago, the Choir presented contemporary Welsh composer Karl Jenkins,' The Armed Man, and this year, we will undertake his Symphonic Adiemus. Scored for large choir and full symphony orchestra and started in 1995, Jenkins has written a unique composition which attempts to create a new genre of sound, based partly in Canu Pwnc, the ancient style of choral verse chanting from West Wales, and scat singing known in jazz. His concept is to treat the human voice as   an instrument of sound creation, rather than a conveyor of text. That said, the finished work is a powerful and compelling experience for both the performer and the listener. Join us, once again, as the UUCSR Choir heads to new horizons! 

Music Sunday